File Extension .2

A variety of IBM voice recognition systems are known to use files with the 2 file extension. 2 files usually contain script data and voice type language information that can be very useful during the operations of this IBM voice recognition application.

In other cases, some UNIX manual pages, ROM image file and screen log files also use the 2 file extension. For the ROM image 2 files, the content could be a copy of the whole content of a certain disc or other information that can be accumulated on a user’s hard disk. This allows the user to access the contents of a disc without really needing the disc to be physically present.

The most typical problem associated with files with the 2 file extension is file corruption. This specific type of problem occurs to this specific file extension when an unexpected system error or system crash, or a shutdown occurs. When this happens while a user is trying to access a 2 file, the file may become unusable the next time the computer is turned on. Like if the user is using the IBM voice recognition software when the error occurred, the 2 files associated with the software will be corrupted and then be unusable which would mean the software might become useless too.

Files with a 2 file extension are only accessible using the specific software that created the files.

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