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More commonly known as the Windows Printer File, a file with a PRN file extension is used to supply information to a printer about a file that is on queued for printing. To generate a file with a PRN file extension, a user simply needs to choose the option “print to file” amongst his printing options. The crated file will then allows printing of the same document from other computer systems, either Mac or Windows OS, aside from its original source.

A file with a PRN file extension becomes valuable when a user wants to print a document in a different computer which isn’t installed with the application that was used to create the document. For example, if one computer doesn’t have Microsoft Office installed and a user wants to print an excel worksheet saved from a different computer, he only needs to generate a PRN file which he can use to print the worksheet without necessarily viewing the worksheet to be printed.

A PRN file can be opened and viewed using some text editors; however, it may include some unrecognizable characters that are used by a printer to identify some printing settings for the document. Some applications that can open this type of file are as follows:

Mac OS Free Raw Print

Drag to Desktop Printer icon

Any Compatible Printer Driver that is able to read PRN files

Windows Windows Command Line

ACD Systems Canvas 12

Microsoft Office Document Imaging

All Web Fast Print

Free Raw Print

Any Compatible Printer Driver that is able to read PRN files

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