File Extension .Tif

TIF stands for “Tagged Image Format”; therefore, files with a TIF file extension are primarily image files or fax files. These type of files are more often viewed through a Fax Viewer application or through Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. A TIF file can also be imported as an image into another application like Microsoft Word and view it there.

TIF files are usually images of high-quality graphics and so it is commonly used for storing and processing images with many different colors like digital photos. This file format also supports layering and multiple paging; thus, most image files in multiple pages are saved with a TIF file extension.

TIF files are mostly saved in a lossless or uncompressed format but they can also be incorporated with a more compressed format such as JPEG. Incorporation with a more compressed format actually reduces the file size of the TIF file but it doesn’t decrease the image’s quality.

Nowadays, most major image editing applications can view, edit or manipulate a TIF file. This type of file is more generally used by computer users who are working in print advertising, graphic designs and other comparable fields where an image quality is of utmost importance. Below is the list of some programs that can open and manipulate a TIF file:

Mac OS Apple Preview

ACDSee Pro for Mac

Nuance OmniPage Pro X

Laughingbird the Logo Creator

Windows Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Adobe Illustrator CS5

ACDSee Photo Manager 12

ACD Systems Canvas 12

Roxio Creator 2011

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