File Extension .Xlsx

The XLSX file extension is another Microsoft Excel file format. Just like XLS files, XLSX files are spreadsheet files that contain cells that are formed by rows and columns and may contain numbers, texts, images, charts, numerical functions, formatting, and styles that represent financial data and complex mathematical and business models. XLSX is the newer version though and is therefore supported in higher versions of Microsoft Excel like 2007 and above.

The major difference between XLSX and XLS file extensions though is the fact that the former is more portable and space-saver than the latter. This is due to the structure of XLSX file extension wherein it was created using the Open XML standard and is therefore stored as a compressed zip archive file containing a collection of separate files. The separate files describe the structure that builds up the whole spreadsheet like the text, the images, and many more. The XLSX file also includes a content type file with an XML file extension that defines the spreadsheet and an equivalent XML file for every file within the XLSX archive as well.

XLSX files can be viewed and modified using Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher version. Lower versions of Microsoft Excel can still be used though provided that it comes with Open XML component support. There are several spreadsheet programs that can open XLSX files as well; these are as follows:

Mac OS Apple Numbers

Microsoft Excel 2011

Panergy docXConverter

Planamesa NeoOffice

Windows Microsoft Excel 2010


Microsoft Works

OxygenOffice Professional

Panergy docXConverter

Corel WordPerfect Office X5

Linux OxygenOffice Professional


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