File Extension .11

Files with the 11 file extension are primarily used for storage of pertinent information regarding the IBM Voice Type Control and Voice Type Language Script Data. Voice Type Control is IBM’s speech recognition navigation system that allows users to control programs, applications and devices through speech. The Voice Type Control application converts the control speech into text and stores it in a file with the file extension 11.

Files with the 11 file extension can contain 70 to 100 words inputted from speech. And since the Voice Type Control application supports uninterrupted speech recognition that is independent from the speaker, 11 files could contain accurate speech input.

Aside from IBM Voice Type though, the file extension 11 is also associated with the application Salt Lake City Game Music. It can also be associated with an unknown Apple II file but this is not so common. Thus, 11 files can be primarily an IBM Voice Type file and is therefore accessible only using the same program. Though users can attempt to open 11 files using a text editor, the content of which may not be that readable and useful for the user and so modification using a text editor is not recommended.

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