File Extension .Sav

The SAV file extension is most commonly associated with gaming applications and files with this file extension are not confined in one specific type of applications. There are several gaming programs installed in various platforms and operating systems that use the SAV file format to store game configurations, game play objects and game characters that users wanted to preserve within the gaming application’s directory for the user’s next gaming session.

SAV files usually have no file generation limit; meaning, users can generate SAV files over and over again when using a gaming application. However, some gaming applications have set a limit of how many times a user can generate SAV files because of heavy and complex gaming values. SAV files are also known as common files as there are a lot of gaming applications that implement the SAV file format in saving current game settings for the next use.

Unlike some file extensions though, SAV files cannot be opened directly by double-clicking the file. The appropriate gaming application that generated the file must be opened first and must be used to open and load the SAV file.

Aside from gaming programs, SAV files are also used as backup and utilities setup files by other various programs. SAV files in this context are capable of storing any given settings, values, data and details under a vigorous data archiving format.

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