File Extension .Sdi

SDI stands for “System Deployment Image” and files with this file extension are created and generated using the Windows Embedded Studio application. This specific program is used for creating or generating disk images in the Windows operating systems and SDI files contain boot blobs, load blobs and part blobs – components that are commonly used to generate RAM disks or boot disks that are necessary for loading and installing the Windows operating system.

The Windows Embedded Studio also comes with an SDI File Manager program that is equipped with a command line tool for creating, editing and deploying SDI images. SDI files generated using the Windows Embedded Studio can only be opened and modified using the same application.

SDI files are also commonly associated with Fidonet – a network of just about 10,000 systems around the world for mail and file exchanging via modems and a proprietary protocol. SDI files here serve as the storage of information for the software distribution network where file and email exchange takes place.

As the System Deployment Image type of SDI file format, the SDI file for email exchange can also be opened and generated using the program that created it. Though some users may attempt to open the file using a notepad or any editor, it is not recommended to do so as it might destroy the contents and integrity of the file.

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