File Extension .Ashx

The “H” in the file extension ASHX stands for the word “Handler” as an ASHX file extension is an ASP.NET Web Handler file. This means that ASHX files are basically server side script files that are used to handle HTTP requests and for displaying dynamic contents as well. ASHX files are primarily associated with and generated using Microsoft Corporation’s ASP.NET web application framework. This framework is one of the components that form the .NET platform and thus very important especially for building web pages and websites.

Because of the nature of this file extension, ASHX files can only be opened and modified using the program that created it – ASP.NET programming language. However, some users may attempt to open it using a regular text editor and they may achieve in viewing the content of the file though they may not understand what is being said therein. Normally though, some users will just double click this file and allow the operating system to choose the appropriate program to use to display the content of the file. However, the operating system may find none if there’s no ASP.NET programming language installed in the system.

Aside from ASP.NET though, ASHX files can be opened and manipulated using any application that codes in ASP.NET such as Microsoft Visual Web Developer. Though a user can and may attempt to, ASHX files are actually not intended to be opened directly in a browser. This is to protect the computer system from malwares and viruses that may come with the ASHX files. Some users though receive ASHX files when downloading certain information from a website which shouldn’t be the case since regular users must not be provided with the website’s server-side file and information.

Most ASHX files include lines of code and functions. These functions are more commonly written using the C# programming language or whatever program that supports it. Below is the list of program that can be used to open/view ASHX files:

Mac OS MacroMates TextMate

View in a Web browser

Windows Microsoft Visual Web Developer

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

View in a Web browser

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