File Extension .Bup

BUP can be a shortened version of the word “backup” and that is just right because this file extension is actually used by backup files on DVD discs. Meaning, this file type is mainly linked with “DVD Info File Backup” or IFO files. Thus, if a DVD player cannot read the information it needs from the disc’s IFO file or more commonly known as VIDEO_TS.IFO, it will give the BUP file a shot and attempt to get the needed information from it.

The BUP File Extension is an important file in a way that it is a required file on any DVD-compliant disc. True it contains the same information as IFO files like tracks, subtitles, chapters and menus but sometimes some DVD players fail to read the IFO file especially when the optical media shows evidence of wear and tear or scratches on the surface. Thus, it is but important to have a backup file just in case.

A BUP file extension can be created by many DVD authoring software the way IFO files are created. There are instances though that a BUP file extension can’t be directly opened by any program. However, a BUP file in any disc can be accessed using DVD playback software like Windows Media Player, CyberLink Power DVD and more.  See below for a list of these programs:

Mac OS Apple DVD Studio ProRoxio Popcorn 4

Roxio Toast 11

Windows VLC Media PlayerMedia Player Classic

CyberLink PowerDVD 11



Corel WinDVD Pro 2010

Nero Multimedia Suite 10

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