File Extension .Data

There are several programs and purpose for files with a DATA file extension. One program that is known to use this file extension is Core FSIF, a structured storage system developed by Avanticore Inc. Thus, for this software, DATA files serve as archive files that store specific data for the same software. Aside from Core FSIF other programs that are known to have association with DATA files are Font2D software, Apple II and SID Tune.

The DATA file extension is also used Analysis Studio, a statistical analysis and data mining application. DATA files used in this program contain mined data in a tab-delimited, plain text format. The DATA file could also contain an Analysis Studio file header so it is easy to establish the origin of the file. This file is most commonly used offline when the user is not connected to an Analysis Studio server.

A DATA file may also associated with Microsoft Office’ Access and SQL Server databases as a file extension container of multiple data sources. This DATA file however could be paired with a corresponding STP file that may contain project data schema as well as object information. Since DATA files come in tab-delimited format however, it can imported in other programs that support the format like Microsoft Excel. Below are other known programs that can open files with a DATA file extension:

Windows Appricon Analysis Studio

Microsoft Excel 2010


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