File Extension .Djvu

The DJVU (pronounced as “déjà vu”) file extension is primarily associated with the AT&T company as a graphical image format used to implement the company’s data output. DJVU files are therefore high quality graphic images files that made use of image layers and three-tiered compression scheme. DJVU is a free and open file format though AT&T retained the rights to commercially developed application software associated with the file extension. The ownership of this file format has been changed several times though and its current owner is Lizard Tech which has several applications that support the file format like GeoExpress, Express Server, Express Suite and Spatial Express packages.

DJVU is a digital document format which utilizes an advanced compression technology and high performance worth. In fact, the DJVU compression scheme can compress color documents five to ten times greater than a JPEG or a GIF compression and three to eight times more than a black and white TIF document compression. This makes DJVU files ideal for distribution over the internet and even on DVD. DJVU files may contain very high resolution images of scanned documents, digital documents and even photographs. There are several DJVU viewer programs that are available for desktops, PDA devices and for web browsers.

The following are the programs that can open files with a DJVU file extension:

Mac OS MacDjView

DjVuLibre DjView

Web browser with LizardTech DJVU Browser Plug-in

Windows WinDjView

DjVuLibre DjView

Web browser with LizardTech DJVU Browser Plug-in

ACD Systems Canvas 12

ACDSee Photo Manager 12

Lizardtech DjVu Solo

Linux DjVuLibre DjView

KDE Okular

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