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For file extension IMG, IMG could only stand for the word “image” and this is just expected since IMG files are commonly linked to the creation of CD image files. IMG is closely similar with ISO as the latter is the file format used to create CD image using the Nero software. IMG files are actually disc files that can be burnt or written into any portable media like a CD or a DVD. Computer systems will automatically recognize IMG files as part of a CD once mounted.

The creation of back-ups or copies or portable media devices like CD or DVD also requires that it is stored using the images in the disc. Some software restrict the type of file extension that they support for image files in discs but an IMG file extension is rather popular and is therefore supported by several applications. Though there are cases too that CD-burning programs may require some additional work in using the IMG file extension. This is the case with some version of NERO Burning ROM where users are required to rename the extension IMG to ISO prior to burning for the program to accept it.

Programs like SlySOft CloneCD, ISOBuster, EZB Systems’ UltraISO and many other disc authoring applications can read files with an IMG file extension. For SlySoft CloneCD however, an IMG file must come with CCD and SUB files for it to acknowledge the IMG file extension. Below are other programs that can be used to open files with an IMG file extension:

Mac OS Apple Disk Utility

Roxio Toast 1

Windows SlySoft CloneCD

Lightning UK! ImgBurn

Smart Projects IsoBuster

EZB Systems UltraISO


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