File Extension .Lif

Files with a LIF file extension are commonly associated with the application Turbo Tax, which is a program created for users who want to personally finish their tax calculations quickly. LIF files in this case contain compressed archive of data that are generated after a user corrects errors and verify figures while using the Turbo Tax software. Turbo Tax software comes with the speed and accuracy feature as well as tax scenario, making it a very popular tax software and LIF a popular tax file extension.

But the file extension LIF can also be found in other applications like Knowledge Dynamics. This software uses the LIF file extension to store installation file archive data for different software. Knowledge Dynamics is a known software developer and tool provider for different academic and business areas like training simulations, entertainment software and integrated support software. Applications developed by Knowledge Dynamics come in files with LIF file extension to be distributed for the purpose of software installation.

Another program that uses the LIF file extension is the computer game HomeWorld; in this case, as a layered image file. HomeWorld is a real-time strategy game and is rather popular because of its terrific story line, outstanding soundtrack and 3D movement.

Also in the list of applications that support the LIF file extension are Leica Microscopy Instrumentation Device and the Integrated Leica Desktop Software. In this case, LIF files are image files that actually contain multiple images that are taken in succession. LIF files here are used to store highly magnified images of biological specimens.

Below is the list of programs that can be used to open a LIF file:

Mac OS Intuit TurboTax DeluxeImageJ


Bitplane Scientific Imaris

Windows Leica Application SuiteIntuit TurboTax Deluxe



Bitplane Scientific Imaris

Linux ImageJOMERO
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