File Extension .M4p

Files with the M4P file extension are most commonly liked with the Apple iTunes audio files. M4P files can be very similar to M4A and M4B file extensions as they are all MPEG-4 file extensions or containers that are used to sore streaming audios. The big difference however lies in the fact that M4P files are protected by DRM or Digital Rights Management and can only be opened and played using the appropriate and authorized application.

The vast majority of files with an M4P file extension are audio track files that can be bought online from the Apple iTunes’ Music Store. These M4P files are commonly encoded using AAC or Advanced Audio Coding that results in a superior sound quality at a relatively smaller file size. Most M4P files that come from the Apple iTunes’ Music Store are generated with the FairPlay DRM copy protection which makes the files playable only on certain number of computer systems. iTunes authorization is also required as users will be prompted for a username and password in order to play the purchased M4P file for the first time. Most likely, a maximum of 5 computer systems are allowed to play a purchased M4P file, which prevents users from illegally distributing the purchased file/s.

M4P files can be opened and played in both Mac and Windows operating systems using either Apple iTunes or Quick Time Player programs. There are no other known audio programs that can open M4P files aside from the aforementioned audio players.

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