File Extension .Mb

MB probably stands for “MapBasic” which is a BASIC-like programming technology that is used to develop custom applications for use with MapInfo Corporation’s MapInfo Professional software and/or special MapInfo runtimes. A variety of applications however are associated with the MB file extension. These applications are primarily involved with database, maps and animations. Thus, MB files usually contain animation data generated by various popular animation programs. The three most popular applications however that use the MB file extension are Autodesk Maya, MapBasic and Paradox Database.

Autodesk Maya, an application that creates 3D animation, simulation, modelling and rendering solutions stores its 3D binary data or content in a file with an MB file extension. Thus, an MB file associated with AutoDesk Maya contains 3D models, textures, light effects, animations and other 3D properties. An AutoDesk Maya MB file can be accessed in all operating systems or platforms provided there’s a running AutoDesk Maya application installed therein.

When it comes to geographical information systems, MB files are associated with a powerful and flexible programming technology called MapBasic. Files created in MapBasic have the MB file extension and usually contains custom tools and functionalities settings for geographical purposes.

MB files can also be associated with the Paradox Database application in a way that this is usually the file format or extension used for powerful databases created in this software. The databases generated from this software are secured and can be integrated with other Corel applications like CorelDraw and WordPerfect.

Any user therefore who finds an MB file in his computer can only use any of the three applications – Autodesk Maya, MapBasic and Paradox Database – to open and/.or modify the contents of the file.

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