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There are two possibilities of origin for a file with an OFX file extension – it could be a file containing a financial data that was generated by common financial management programs or it could be an Olicom Fax image file. While the former is more widely used than the latter, there might still be a chance that a user finds an image file with this extension. For an OFX file containing financial information, the content of the file can be imported into a range of money-management programs and/or systems.

In 1997, several programs agreed to use a standardized financial data format that was originally created as an open format that can be used transfer financial data among several systems online – these programs are built by Intuit, Microsoft and CheckFree. It was during this year that the OFX file extension, which stands for “Open Financial Exchange” became the standard format of financial data files and replaced the OFC format (stands for “Open Financial Connectivity”) that was formerly used by Microsoft Money.

The OFX file extension was originally designed to give a solution to financial transaction data transfer supported by different financial management systems. Files with an OFX file extension are extensively used by many consumers and business banking people because it allows them to integrate real-time financial transaction information with their offline customer systems.

The following is the list of programs that can open and/or create an OFX file:

Mac OS

Reilly Technologies Money Dance

GNU Cash

Apple Numbers

Windows Microsoft Money

GNU Cash

Sage Accpac

Reilly Technologies Money Dance

Linux KMyMoney

Reilly Technologies Money Dance

GNU Cash

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