File Extension .Pf

PF stands for “Private File” and so files with this extension are private or password-protected files that went through a compression and decryption process using software called Stuffit Deluxe. There’s a similar file extension which works like this – the SIT file extension – which requires a user to have a password for decompressing and un-encrypting files. Files with PF a file extension are commonly used to store or archive confidential data.

Some users will have difficulty opening a PF file especially if they don’t have the appropriate software to open the file. Some users may not have the correct password or they could have a registry-related error in their system. The computer will search for any software that can open this file but without Stuffit software or the password for it, it may be difficult to unlock it.

Another use of a PF file extension can be found though when browsing through a Windows system’s process of loading executable programs. A PF file was basically associated with a Microsoft Corporation program called Prefetch or Scenario that generate resource list that makes loading a Windows program faster. Thus, Windows always check the PF extension first prior to loading a program.

Thus, either a user employs the aid of Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe 2011 (for Mac or Windows) to open a PF file (if password is available) or he lets Windows system to open it automatically when needed.

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