File Extension .Pls

PLS could possibly stand for the word “playlist” as it is most commonly linked to generic multimedia playlist files. This file extension is highly compatible with a big number of media players today. Audio streams that are transported and broadcasted over the internet also use the PLS file extension. Thus, the PLS file extension, with its stored playlists, is a rather popular and important file extension especially in the multimedia industry.

PLS files contain playlist that holds pertinent multimedia information like a list of references to audio tracks, the tracks’ location, the tracks’ title and the tracks’ length. The structure of PLS files are so similar to initialization or INI files where there is a short header defining the file as a playlist file, the number of tracks that the playlist contains, the pertinent information regarding each track in the playlist and the footer information that contains the version number of the playlist.

Several programs offer support for PLS files. It is a file similar to another popular playlist file extension called M3U though the latter contains more information regarding the individual tracks in the playlist. PLS files can be saved in a local drive or online and can even be used in streaming sites online. With a PLS file’s simple structure, it can be opened using a text editor and can be edited therein as well. But it is highly recommended (and much easier) to modify a PLS file using a media player though. Below is a list of programs that can open and modify PLS files:

Mac OS Apple iTunes

RealNetworks RealPlayer


Windows Apple iTunes

RealNetworks RealPlayer

Nullsoft Winamp Media Player 5.6

Roxio Creator 2011

Voyetra AudioStation

CyberLink PowerDVD 11

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