File Extension .Pst

This is another file extension that is commonly used by Microsoft Corporation to handle personal folders in a computer system. Usually, these personal folders contain classified information such as contact data, email addresses, local messages, notes and calendar of activities and so much more. Microsoft applications installed in the system use files with a PST file extension as a reference file for it to acquire the accurate data that it needed to launch itself.

Most applications that are associated with PST files though are email programs. In fact, for Microsoft, PST files are primarily associated with the Microsoft Outlook, which is of course, an email application. PST files have a size limit which is 2GB so it shouldn’t contain too much email folders or anything else for MS Outlook not to become unstable.

Another major drawback of files with a PST file extension is security. There are a lot of viruses that are able to go through virus scanners and penetrate PST files. These viruses are created to gather sensitive information from PST files which of course cause risks to the owners’ security.

There are some non-Microsoft applications that can use PST files too by importing the contents of the file into a different file or location. Mozilla Thunderbird has this capacity along with other email applications. Outlook Express, which is not the full version of MS Outlook, also has the capacity of accessing the content of a PST file through the Import feature. Below is the list of some applications that can open a PST file:

Mac OS Microsoft PST Import Tool for Entourage
Windows Microsoft Outlook 2010

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Microsoft Outlook Express

BitDaddy’s Email Open View Pro

Encryptomatic PSTViewer Pro Outlook Recovery Toolbox

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