File Extension .Qfx

QFX stands for “Quicken Financial Exchange” and is therefore a file extension used by the same software to store essential financial information like client transactions and balance sheets that can be transmitted online. Quicken Financial Exchange is a personal finance management software that was developed by Intuit Inc for private financial management purposes. This software is available for both Windows and Mac OS and therefore QFX files can be used in both operating systems.

The QFX file extension is by default a property and a proprietary file format for Quicken Financial Exchange and so it is the only software that generates QFX files. There are several financial applications though that can import QFX files like Microsoft Money, Apple iWork Numbers, GNUCash, and many more. Thus, these several programs can also open and modify QFX files even though it was created using the Quicken Financial Exchange software.

Aside from the financial type QFX files, there are QFX files as well that are associated with fax image files that are generated by the Quick Link software. There are many applications that can open Quick Link QFX image files and even convert the files in various image formats like jpeg, tif, png and many more.

Since QFX files are not the type that users execute in their computer systems, there is actually no known harm associated with these files. QFX files can be safely opened anytime using the following programs:

Mac OS Quicken Financial Exchange

Apple iWork Numbers


Windows Quicken Financial Exchange

Microsoft Money


Quick Link

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