File Extension .Swf

SWF stands for “Shockwave Flash” and files with this file extension are most commonly movies created in the aforementioned application. SWF files store and display vector graphic animations, making it very ideal for delivering multimedia and interactive content in the internet. The SWF file extension was the original file format for the FutureWave software and was solely designed to be capable of displaying animations even with small file size. Macromedia later acquired FutureWave which was later acquired by Adobe, the company that owns and develops Shockwave Flash.

Originally, SWF files only contain vector graphics and images that are displayed in discrete frames, this allows for uncomplicated animations to be played on any computer system. However, there are extensions developed for the file format that allows audio and video embedding and even user interaction on to the SWF file. This additional flexibility and features made SWF files ideal for wide-range of purposes including web-based presentations, online games, multimedia content delivery and DVD menus.

Files with an SWF file extension are highly similar to FLA files wherein all embedded contents in the file are linked within. The major difference however is the fact that SWF uses compression to minimize file size. SWF files can be opened using the Adobe Flash Player application and many other applications and web browsers that come with the Flash plug-in. SWF files are also compatible with various platforms and so it can be opened in Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. Below are the programs that can open files with an SWF file extension:

Mac OS Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash CS5

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Eltima Elmedia Player

Eltima Flash Decompiler Trillix

Eltima Flash Optimizer

Echo One iSwiff

Windows Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash CS5

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Eltima SWF & FLV Player

Eltima SWF & FLV Toolbox

Eltima SWF Video Converter

Eltima Flash Decompiler Trillix

Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate


Media Player Classic

Linux Adobe Flash Player

Swfdec Flash Player


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