File Extension .Widget

The WIDGET File Extension

The file extension WIDGET is more popularly associated with Yahoo! Widgets. These widgets are small applications that users can place on their computer desktop to serve several functions. These functions include but not limited to solving simple tasks like weather forecast, notes or calendars, stock prices, displaying email inbox status and so much more. This file extension however is only available for use with Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms. There are currently around 4000 small programs that can be associated with this file extension.

There are reports however that these WIDGET files aren’t really secured files as applications that run using this extension are prone to spywares. Thus, some users generally avoid putting widgets in their system so as not to compromise their whole computer system.

Obviously, for WIDGET files associated with Yahoo! Widgets, only the same application can open this type of file. Though there are other WIDGET files as well which are not generated by Yahoo! Widgets. These are HTML-based widgets that are associated with Windows Mobile – the operating system used in Personal Digital Assistant or PDAs, digital phones, and many other mobile devices. These WIDGET files have the same functionalities as Yahoo Widgets as it deploy small programs for weather reports, news, maps and even games for mobile devices. The following are the programs that can open this type of WIDGET files:

Windows Microsoft Windows Mobile SDK

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with Windows Mobile Developer Toolkit Plug-in

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