File Extension .Wpd

The 602PC Suite, which was created by Software602 Inc, is an alternative to Microsoft Office and is compatible for use with both MS Word and MS Excel files. This software is the primary application that is associated with files with a WPD file extension and mainly features four applications – word processor, spreadsheet, image editor and digital photo organizer.

WPD may also stand for “Word Perfect Document” which means it is associated with the Word Perfect software. In this case, WPD files can be viewed and modified using Word Perfect or viewed, copied and printed through a free and downloadable application Word Viewer 2003. One cannot edit or save changes to a WPD file using Word Viewer though.

In some cases, a file with a WPD file extension may also be associated with a Windows Printer Driver or even an audio file that was generated by sound processing software called SAW Studio. These two cases though are not usual or common. The vast majority of WPD files are associated with word processed documents.

WPD files associated with Word Perfect may contain various formatted data like texts, tables, images and objects that are stored in Corel format. These data however may be exported to different formats to other word processing applications.

Below are the programs that can open or modify or print WPD files:

Mac OS Planamesa Neo Office
Windows Corel Word Perfect OfficeNuance OmniPage

ACD Systems Canvas 12

Microsoft Word

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