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Files with a PPT file extension are usually popular because of its association with the Microsoft Office suite of applications, specifically the Microsoft Power Point program. PPT stands for “Power Point presenTation” and files with this extension usually contains a series of presentation slides. Every slide in the presentation may contain text, images, graphs, tables, transition effects, animations and even multimedia objects like sounds and videos. This PowerPoint presentation file extension is used by Microsoft Office in versions older than 2007. For 2007 and beyond, the default file extension is PPTX.

PPT files can be opened or modified using other software besides Microsoft Power Point though. Applications like Apple Keynote, Open Office Impress, Google Documents and many more support the PPT file format. But since the PPT standard consents to embed other contents like spreadsheets and word processed documents via OLE, some alternative applications beside Microsoft Power Point may not be able to fully render the presentation as it is. The PPT file extension runs across several platforms though so aside from the embedding issue, there’s no other problem for compatibility with other software.

As with the other applications in the Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Power Point is capable of creating and attaching macros or codes to its files. Thus, a PPT file may contain macros or scripts that may cause damage on a computer system. Users are therefore advised to take precautions before opening PPT files, especially if the sender is unknown. Better yet, users must not open PPT files when they are not even sure what the content is or from who or where the file is to protect his computer system.

Below are some applications that can open and/or edit a PPT file:

Mac OS Microsoft PowerPoint 2011

Apple Keynote

OpenOffice Impress

Nuance OmniPage Pro X

Windows Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

OpenOffice Impress

Nuance OmniPage 18

ACD Systems Canvas 12

Corel WordPerfect Office X5

Linux OpenOffice Impress
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