File Extension .Adb

Files with an ADB file extension are associated with the Ability Database Software and thus database files created with the same software. Ability Database Software is owned by a global company in the United Kingdom that offers software solutions to its customers. The Ability Database Software is part of a collection or suite of office software called Ability Office Professional.

ADB files usually contain databases that store and analyze structured data or information. This information could include customer data, products list, contacts list, inventories, sales, medical records and much other business-pertinent information that can be tabulated and analyzed. ADB files are created using the relational database model and therefore the contents of these files are presented in a logical and consistent manner. This is the same database model that is used by many other database applications such as Microsoft Access. ADB files therefore are compatible and can be opened using Microsoft Access among other database applications.

A Database Manager helps users in displaying the contents of an ADB file properly. It helps in arranging tables and its association or relation with one another. Most database applications have a database manager, making them very appropriate in open ADB files. ADB files can also be imported in other formats like PDF, depending on what importing abilities the database software has. Below are some of the applications that can open an ADB file:

Mac OS Microsoft Access

MacroMates TextMate

Any text editor

Windows Microsoft Access

Any text editor

Linux GCC


Any text editor

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