Ways to Repair Windows Update Errors

Windows Update is considered as a very important activity in the Windows platform. Microsoft Windows promise its users that their computers will be much safer and will run more smoothly when they turn on Windows Update. When this activity is turned on, it will enable computers to automatically get the latest security and many other imperative updates from Microsoft Windows. Windows even made it easier for users to take advantage of updates just by turning the activity on upon installing the operating system. There are times though that users encounter update errors and these errors would most often than not bring stress to most users.

There are some computers that refuse to download Windows updates, there are those that download updates but would encounter errors along the way. In fact, there are a lot of Windows update errors that have been identified to date. Some of these errors are 0x80007007E which is a “General Error” defining a specific service that fails to update the system; 0x80070002 which is an issue related to network connectivity; 0x80070005 which is an error on Windows Genuine Advantage validation; and so much more!

Each of these errors can be fixed in different ways, like for error 0x80007007E, running the regsvr32 msxml3.dll command can solve the problem while for error 0x80070005, downloading the Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool and letting it run a diagnostic will repair the error, or for error 0x80070002, the user just needs to be more patient and attempt the update again until he’s successful.

Though Microsoft Windows have done their part and carefully documented all the errors that users might encounter during Windows updates. The company strived to provide solutions for each error but there are reports that these solutions never really work. Many users have found out that after following Microsoft Windows’ recommendations on its site, the errors still persist. Some users even try to call Microsoft Windows to no avail. Some users however have “googled” about the issues and found some solutions online that might just work. Some found different tools that guarantee to resolve all Windows updates problems no matter what the cause is.

The abovementioned tools are designed to repair specific Windows problems. Thus, these tools are not made to optimize the whole computer system but to focus on each problem and repair specific errors. The number of errors that these tools can repair varies from one tool to the other but most of these tools refer to the Microsoft Knowledge Base of errors and solutions pertaining to Windows updates. Most of these tools however are not for basic users as there will be warning pages that only a technician or a computer savvy will be able to understand and therefore not risk making the error worse.

Most Windows Update error tools can resolve the following issues:

  • Specific Windows Update Error
  • Automatic Updates Issues
  • Missing Registry Entries during Updates
  • COM/ActiveX Object issues
  • SSL/HTTPS errors
  • Resetting Windows Firewall during Updates
  • Repairing Internet Explorer during Updates
  • File System corruption during Updates

Most of Windows Updates Error tools nowadays allow users to select one or more problem areas that they want to repair. Some tools even provide information about each error that might be encountered before giving the user the option whether he needed the fix or not. Most of the tools also come with an option to re-register DLLs which means, it gives the user the chance to restart the service for the computer to be back on its default state or original state prior to the Updates. Some of these tools also provide users a way to retrieve missing Windows updates from previous periods of time thus keeping users updated with which patches or updates they are still missing to make sure that their computer system will never fail and will run smoothly.

If a user has encountered Windows update errors and have researched the Microsoft Windows database for solution to no avail, he might want to consider purchasing or trying one of these Windows Updates Error tools available in the market today. One highly recommended tool is MyTurboPC, which guarantees to fix any Windows Update error that the user might encounter in his computer. Any computer user can just download this tool online and try it for free before purchasing the whole system to realize it is worth trying and therefore worth buying.

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