File Extension .Aspx

ASPX stands for “Active Server Page Extended” and files with this extension are used to store script and source codes that are used by browsers to open and even translate web pages. ASPX files are mainly associated with the programming language ASP.NET by Microsoft Corporation. ASP.NET allows programmers to generate dynamic web pages, with web service capabilities and as well as other web applications. The file extension used for some of these ASP.NET functions is ASPX.

ASPX files though could also contain codes not written specifically with ASP.NET, it could also contains codes that are written in programming languages that are supported by the .NET framework like C#. ASPX files or scripts are mostly generated within an IDE or Integrated Development Environment like Microsoft Visual Studio.NET but the file content can still be displayed and modified in different text editors as the codes or scripts are written in plain text and not in machine code. But when running the ASPX files though, users can only see the output of the codes written in the file and not the content of the file itself.

It is therefore not recommended to alter the content of ASPX files using text editors. Even if the user has installed an IDE-capable application in his system, it is still not recommended to modify the file even in the IDE, more so delete ASPX files that can be found in the computer system as it may be the core files needed by the web browser to render web pages correctly.

Below are the known programs that can be used to open ASPX files:

Mac OS Any web browser
Windows Any web browser

Microsoft Visual Web Developer

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

ES-Computing EditPlus

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