File Extension .Cfg

CFG may just be a shortened version for the word “configuration” since CFG files are commonly associated with generic configuration files and usually contain settings and preferences for a certain application. The CFG file extension is one of the most common file extensions in the computer world. Files with this file extension are widely used by operating systems, applications and processes to denote initial configuration settings during runtime. Meaning, CFG files mostly contain default and initial settings and preferences of a running application or program.

Older systems and programs, specifically in the Windows platform, conventionally store its configuration settings and initial strictures in external CFG files. The contents of CFG files are usually read and used when the associated application was launched. Though there are many programs nowadays that directly store their settings in Windows registry and other locations, CFG files are still widely used in storing configuration and settings information.

CFG files usually contain plain text data with each individual parameter or setting on a new line. Thus, it can easily be opened and modified using any text editor. However, if one should really modify a CFG file, he should make sure that he understands the consequences of his modifications as incorrect settings might cause incorrect application running and even system crash. It is always safer to modify settings within the application if really needed to prevent errors and damages.

Below are the programs that can open and edit CFG files aside from the application that generate it:

Mac OS MacroMates TextMate

Apple TextEdit


Other text editor

Windows Microsoft Notepad

Microsoft WordPad

Other text editor

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