File Extension .Mpp

Microsoft Project (MSP) is a project management application developed by Microsoft Corporation to assist project managers in making plans, managing resources and tasks, tracking progress, handling budgets and analyzing workloads. The file extension that Microsoft Project used as the standard file format in its operation is MPP. MPP files then contain data and information that will help project managers in their project management endeavours from the beginning of the project to its end.

MPP files are also associated with the software Microsoft Project Plan, another project application created by the Microsoft Corporation. As with Microsoft Project, Microsoft Project Plan is also designed to help project managers track, organize and maintain projects and the files used in this program have the file extension MPP.

Though the MPP file extension or format was originally designed for Microsoft Project applications only, there are several project applications nowadays that can open and even modify MPP files. This includes MOOS Project Viewer for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, Stand By Soft Rational Plan for all platforms and Kadonk Live Project Viewer for Windows.

MPP files are not compatible forward with Microsoft Project Plan though. Meaning, users can still open MPP files in the higher version of Project Plan software like the 2010 version but there will be some data or formatting losses. The file however is backward compatible with other software and programs and so users can open any MPP file using these programs even if they are created in a current or older MPP version. Below are the programs that can open MPP files:

Mac OS Stand By Soft RationalPlan

MOOS Project Viewer

Windows Microsoft Project 2010

Housatonic Project Viewer

KaDonk LiveProject Viewer

Stand By Soft RationalPlan

MOOS Project Viewer

Linux Stand By Soft RationalPlan

MOOS Project Viewer

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