File Extension .Py

Files with a PY file extension are most commonly associated with the Python scripting language. Python is a dynamic object object-oriented scripting/programming language that is widely used for developing different types of software. Python allows for integration of languages and tools and equipped with a broad range of standard libraries. Python uses the PY file format to store its scripts or source codes and since Python runs across multiple platforms, PY files may exist in Windows, Mac OS, Linux/Unix and even handheld and mobile phones operating systems.

PY files can be edited or created with any text editor as long as the user or the programmer knows the proper syntax and commands to use. For PY files to become useful though, it is imperative that the computer system is installed with a Python interpreter. Python has its specific working environment however, that programmers can use to create and modify PY files.

PY files are used for programming Web servers and many other administrative platform-based computer systems. Thus, PY files contain all the necessary information to make a developed program work as it carries the scripts or the source codes that define the system. PY files are actually quite popular because a lot of programmers prefer using Python over other programming languages because of its many benefits and features including information security, easy integration with other software and the ability to run across multiple platforms.

Below is the list of programs that can be used to create and modify PY files:

Mac OS Python Software Foundation PythonMacroMates TextMate

Other text editor

Windows Python Software Foundation PythonMicrosoft Notepad


Other text editor

Linux Python Software Foundation PythonGNU Emacs


Other text editor

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