File Extension .Xfdl

XFDL stands for Extensible Forms Description Language and files with this file extension are more secured version of XML files.  A company that was acquired by IBM in 2005 (PureEdge Solutions) created this file extension to have a secured way of managing extendable information in electronic form.

There are several ways to open files with an XFDL file extension but the easiest way would be to double-click the file and let the operating system decide which application should manage the file. If the operating system finds none then there might just be no application installed in the system that is capable of even reading the file. Applications like Lotus programs can open and edit this file – Lotus Forms Viewer can open/view it while Lotus Forms Designer can both view and edit it. However, XFDL files are considered to be a text-only file and so a text editor may be capable of opening and displaying its content.

Users however are advised not to open or edit the content of this file in a text editor especially if they don’t really know what the file is for or to what application it is associated with. Advanced users however may know what they are doing and may open these files to edit its contents or even the settings therein.

Below are some applications that can open and edit a file with an XFDL file extension:

Windows Notepad

Lotus Forms Viewer

Lotus Forms Designer

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