File Extension .Xlt

Files with an XLT file extension are highly associated with Microsoft Corporation’s Microsoft Excel. XLT files are template files which explains the “T” after “XL” instead of the “S” in the usual Excel file extension “XLS”. XLT files therefore are formatted spreadsheets that users can reuse every time they need the same formatting and styles that they used in their previous spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel has a default workbook template and this is the blank workbook that users can see when opening the application. The default template file takes the filename Book.XLT and this file can be modified and saved in another filename to contain specific styles and formatting that the user wants to reuse again and again in his worksheets.

An XLT file can be saved and kept in a network file location. Even if the default template was modified and renamed with a different filename, the XLT file can also be made available in a network file location for other users to use. Of course, this feature of sharing XLT files is only available in the Microsoft Windows platform.

Users can find XLT or Excel template files that are automatically saved in the Templates folder under Microsoft Excel’s General tab and within the Templates Dialog Box. This fact tells only one thing – that XLT files can only be opened using Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac OS and 2010 for Windows platform.

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