File Extension .Ithmb

This file extension was created by Apple for the sole purpose of using with iPods. Like the THM file extension, the ITHMB are smaller picture files (in thumbnail format) that can be viewed through an iPod. Any user can attempt opening the file through a different picture viewer program but it might be difficult to achieve the desired view due to the fact that the size of an ITHMB file is 16 bit, it is uncompressed and raw and therefore large. Thus, viewing the file would require more power and can drain out energy quick.

Nowadays, Apple’s iPhones (like their photo-capable iPods) are also able to view files with an ITHMB file extension. Picture files saved in these devices come with a collection of thumbnail images that are stored the way the pictures/images are stored in the media device as well. ITHMB files are very essential for browsing purposes and also for image management and organization.

When an iPod user saves images in his device, he automatically makes small thumbnail images of these images. This will enable the user to easily recognize the images without necessarily loading it. Once the user clicks on the thumbnail item, the image will then be loaded and displayed as he desires.

There are programs that can convert ITHMB files into other image formats though like PicsAid and File Juicer. Some of the programs that can open files with an ITHMB file extension are as follows:

Mac OS DigiDNA PicsAid

Echo One File Juicer

Keith’s iPod Photo Reader

Lemkesoft Graphic Converter

Windows DigiDNA PicsAid

Tansee iPod Transfer Photo

Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo

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