File Extension .Thm

There are two different possibilities of what the contents of a THM file extension are. One prospect is that THM could stand for the word “THuMbnail” and that it contains a petite version of a video file like a CRW or AVI file. In this prospect, the THM file becomes identical to a JPG file format wherein a user can just rename THM to JPG and then view it as an image.

Another likely prospect is that a file with a THM file extension could be an Open Office configuration file. Therefore, if a computer system is using Open Office, it could be using this file to load Open Office configuration details.

If the THM file extension takes the thumbnail format, it is then usually used online and in local clip art galleries. It can also be created by numerous photo and/or video editing programs. Some digital cameras are also able to produce this file extension as small sample images of photo files.

One important note however is that thumbnail files are created to provide a way for a computer system to save resources in opening an image file. Thus, instead of totally opening the file, a preview is more advantageous. Most THM files are accessible to programs that created them. Meaning, a THM file created by Sony Cyber Shot can only be viewed using the program associated with the camera. However, there are programs that can be used to view the contents of the file as well.

Below is the list of the different programs that can open files with THM file extension:

Mac OS Apple Preview

Other Mac Image Viewers

Windows Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer

ACDSee Photo Manager 12

Other Microsoft Image Viewers

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