File Extension .Jad

The JAD file extension stands for “Java Application Descriptor” and is therefore primarily associated with small Java Mobile Edition Applications. JAD files contain metadata about these small Java mobile applications and it can be downloaded directly from the internet to a mobile phone to install Java applications.

These small Java applications that run on mobile phones and many other portable devices are more popularly known as “midlets”. JAD files contain packages of information regarding these mindlets that are uploaded online to be downloaded into different mobile phones. JAD files will contain very important information that a mobile phone needs to run a midlet; this includes the application’s name, size, version, vendor or manufacturer and many more. JAD files work closely with JAR files to make up a midlet and with the absence of either of the two, any packaged midlet will not run.

JAD files may appear unimportant though as its structure is but very simple. The file only contains eight lines of code which is enough to provide pertinent information regarding a Java application. But with all its simplicity and efficiency, there aren’t numerous programs that can open and modify the content of a JAD file. In fact, only the programs LogoManager MobiMB Mobile Media Browser and JADMaker are known to open and modify JAD files.

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