File Extension .Webarchive

WEBARCHIVE is a file extension that was created by and for the Apple Safari Web Browser for the purpose of storing GTML (HyperText Mark-up Language) page and all the image files that the HTML page references to. WEBARCHIVE files can be opened for viewing and so users can still see the HTML page along with all the images therein even he is not connected to the internet. Thus, WEBARCHIVE files are important files for offline browsing.

As the name suggests, WEBARCHIVE files are used for a very specific purpose and that is to archive Web page files in a single file version that can be stored in a computer’s hard drive to be accessed later – whether online or offline. However, the user must install the Safari browser in his Mac system though to make the WEBARCHIVE file useful for him as this file extension can only be accessed using that specific browser in that specific platform. Currently, Windows OS and other Web browsers don’t offer support for this type of file extension so it is solely useful for Mac OS users.

There are browsers created for the Mac OS platform though that may open WEBARCHIVE files correctly, these are iCab and Cruz Web browsers. These applications/browsers may not be free to use though. Some users can also attempt to open a WEBARCHIVE file using Apple TextEdit but the contents may not be displayed correctly. So it would be best not to open it in Apple TextEdit or modify it using the program so as not to damage the contents of the file.

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