File Extension .Mdb

MDB could stand for “Microsoft DataBase” since it is primarily associated with a Microsoft Access Database. Microsoft Access is an application that generates databases. A database is a collection of tables, forms, queries, reports and relationships that is used to store different types of data and the relationships of these data. Databases like MDB files may also contain links to other data sources like spreadsheets, text files and even another database file.

Since MDB files can contain scripts, codes and macros, it may be possible for malicious users to put malicious contents and links to it. It is therefore highly recommended to take great precaution in opening MDB files. It is good to scan the file for virus before opening it especially if the file came from an unknown source. Better yet, users must not open any file at all that came from unknown sources.

The MDB file extension is a proprietary format and is therefore accessible only through the use of Microsoft Access program which is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Thus, there is no other program that can create an MDB file but Microsoft Access. MDB files can be imported by many other programs that support databases though and so the content of MDB files can be accessed and even modified through another program. Below are the examples of these programs:

Mac OS Wolfram Research Mathematica

MDB Viewer

Windows Microsoft Access 2010

SAS Institute SAS

Wolfram Research Mathematica

Freewind MDB Converter

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

MDB Viewer Plus

Linux SAS Institute SAS


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