File Extension .Pptx

PPTX is a proprietary file extension by Microsoft Corporation for use with Microsoft Power Point files. A PPTX file is actually a new format for MS office documents wherein an XML architecture is combined with ZIP compression feature for size reduction. This development actually enables Microsoft PowerPoint to perform document conversion.

A PPTX file is then a presentation file which is a collection of slides that contain text, images, animations, objects, graphs, and other media to create a slide show presentation. A presentation file as we already know is commonly used in academic classroom and training settings, business meetings and even marketing and strategy presentations.

PPTX is different from PPT in a way of storage, as the latter stores all data in a single binary file, the former uses the Open XML format that stores data as a collection of different and single files in a compressed zip package. Each and every component of PPTX files is then more accessible as it is stored in separate files like slide notes are accessible as a plain text file and the images in the slides are stored as separate image files.

PPTX files can be accessible by MS PowerPoint 2007 or later versions. But users can still access these files with the previous versions of PowerPoint as long as it is installed with Open XML component support. Below are the programs that can open/view (not necessarily edit) PPTX files:

Mac OS Microsoft PowerPoint 2011

Microsoft Office Open XML File Format Converter

Apple Keynote

Planamesa NeoOffice

Windows Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Corel WordPerfect Office X5

ACD Systems Canvas 12

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