File Extension .Rtc

Files with an RTC file extension are mostly linked to the Microsoft Office Live Meeting Online Collaboration application. Obviously, this application is used for online or internet meetings and project collaboration and it uses RTC files to store link information that is sent to everybody who are supposed to join the meeting and allow them to either join or begin the online meeting. The most common file name used for this program is launch.RTC.

For a Microsoft Office Live Meeting, most web browsers would ask the user to download the file launch.RTC prior to the meeting. Sometimes, this prevents the meeting from being started or joined. To resolve this issue, it is better to disable saving of encrypted pages to the disk; this option can be found in the browser’s security setting. The user then needs to re-associate the RTC file with the live meeting software.

RTC files could also be a “Rescue Me” file or an “AutoDesk” rating curve file. Sometimes, RTC could stand for “Rich Text Compressed” file and therefore contains compressed data and information. Though a user could just open the file as a text file using any text viewer and/or editor, it is not recommended to do so. These files can only be opened and modified through the programs that created them.

This file is available for use in the Windows platform only using the applications Microsoft Live Meeting and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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