File Extension .Qxd

QXD stands for QuarkXPress Documents and files with this file extension are most commonly linked to the 5th and lower versions of the QuarkXPress application. QuarkXPress is an application used for creating complex layouts for printing purposes which is highly similar to some Adobe products. This application runs on both Mac OS and Windows platforms and uses the QXD file extension as a format for its documents.

QXD files are considered as page layout files and so they are desktop publishing documents that can be created using the QuarkXPress application. QXD files then may contain formatted texts or images or both including the page layout properties and much other information needed to create a layout document. QXD files may contain layout information for newspapers, magazines, brochures, flyers, and even books.

QXD files are most commonly found with other files that are associated with it including the QXT files that contain the document templates, the QPT files that contain the project templates, the QDT files that contains the dictionary, the XTG files that contains the QuarkXPress tags, and the QXL files that contains the library.

Below are the only programs that can create and modify QXD files on both Mac OS and Windows operating systems:

Mac OS QuarkXPressAdobe InDesign CS5 with Q2ID Plug-in
Windows QuarkXPressAdobe InDesign CS5 with Q2ID Plug-in
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