File Extension .Res

Files with an RES file extension act as storage or repository of any type of files like images, sounds, data, videos and many more. RES files are sometimes referred to as suitcase files because it can keep files which can be easily retrieved when needed. RES files are specifically used in C++ programming as resource files and thus programmers can add in all their images, sounds, files and other resources into the RES file and use it as a single file in their project/s or program/s.

RES files are compiled directly into executable files like EXE, DLL and more, making the files’ contents highly accessible to users. Resource files however are read-only files, which makes results in larger file size that the original files. More so, BMP files and other compressible files cannot be compressed when added onto a RES file which makes it more ideal to save images as JOG or PNG when planning to store these images in a RES file.

Using the RES file extension is highly recommended for those who wanted to organize their hard drives. Users can consolidate images into a single file and can avoid cluttering their hard drive with so many files. Adding files in a single RES file is also recommended if a user wants to quickly and easily load images, sounds and many other file types in a specific project since loading a RES file means loading all its contents.

RES files can be opened, created and edited using Microsoft Visual Studio for Windows.

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