File Extension .Rpmsg

RPMSG stands for “Restricted Permission Message” and files with this file extension are most commonly associated with the Microsoft Outlook application. Restricted Permission Messages or RPMSG files contain messages that are considered as highly classified or must be viewed only by the intended recipient. This type of messages is subject to restriction for many message activities like printing, editing, and copying as if it is a rights-managed HTML file.

The reason for creating RPMSG files is the fact that though emails are very convenient and easy to send and share, it is also very unsecured as they can be easily intercepted by malicious and unauthorized individuals who wanted to see classified and sensitive information. RPMSG files offer a solution to email security problems and one of the email applications that use this file extension is Microsoft Outlook.

Files with an RPMSG file extension are actually email messages that have been protected using the Microsoft security technology. RPMSG files tell computers that access to the file or message is restricted when appropriate. Senders can also put restrictions like “no saving”, “no forwarding” or “no printing” allowed for a certain RPMSG file.

Only Microsoft Outlook installed in the Windows operating system can create, edit and open RPMSG files.

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